HCG 5000IU

HCG 5000IU

It should be noted that HCG 5000IU is a common practice among athletes to introduce steroids into a course; it helps them withstand the difficult cycle of steroids and maintain the maximum amount of training. Although, experts believe that a much better practice is to reduce the amount of drugs taken, and this should happen very gently and gradually. After all, HCG is not a panacea, it should be remembered, although this drug gives an excellent effect. Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale from America believes that in this way the athlete is stressful, but extremely slowly. In a book devoted to this issue, which is called “Drug use in amateur sports,” he says that athletes who “sit down” on HCG 5000IU, in order to reduce the amount of unpleasant effects from taking steroids, believe that HCG will help them restore the amount produced by the body testosterones, but in reality they are wrong. Yes, it is true that HCG stimulates testosterone, but it does not help to eliminate the root cause of this situation. The hypothalamic-pituitary-testes interaction arc is damaged by steroids, but HCG has no effect on it. With HCG, there is no recovery in natural testosterone production. HCG also inhibits the production of luteinizing hormone by the body. After HCG 5000IU, as well as after steroids, recovery will still be needed. Some athletes who know about this, after HCG immediately begin to take Dinerik or Glenbuterol, others immediately go back to steroids. Others simply with the help of HCG allow themselves to rest from steroids for a while.

A number of athletes are still confident that HCG 5000IU can help them shortly before the competition, for example, to reduce the fat layer or provide muscles with elasticity.

Robert Kerr, in his book Practical Use of Anabolic Steroids by Athletes, writes the following. He emphasizes that in any annotation for taking HCG it is clearly stated that HCG does not contribute to fat burning in any way, nor does it affect either appetite or anything else related to how fatty tissues are distributed in the body. He writes that in cases of medical treatment of obesity HCG did not lead to any significant results. Even in the case where a low-calorie diet was used, HCG had no effect on fat burning.

What side effects may occur after taking HCG 5000IU

Like every medical drug, Chorionic Gonadotropin has its own side effects, the main of which are listed below:

  • The production of gonadotropin releasing hormone is suppressed;
  • The functioning of the system consisting of the hypothalamus, pituitary and testes is impaired;
  • Manifestations of gynecomastia are detected;
  • Acne appears;
  • The amount of hair on the body increases;
  • The effect of masculinization increases in women;
  • The size of the prostate increases, etc.
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Substance HCG

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