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Azab 100

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Azithromycin Azab 100 is an organic substance from the group of macrolides, a subclass of azalides. It was synthesized by pharmacists of the Yugoslav company Pliva in the early 80s. Later it was sold under the Sumamed trademark and became one of the most effective antibiotics on the world market. But in 2005, the license for the drug expired. Now there are quite a few Azithromycin analogues produced by various pharmaceutical companies all over the world, including Russian manufacturers.

The antibiotic blocks the production of some vital proteins by bacteria, which makes it possible to stop their growth and reproduction. Thus, Azithromycin has a bacteriostatic and not bactericidal effect. However, this does not mean that this drug is weaker than bactericidal antibiotics, because stopping the growth of bacteria in most cases leads to the death of the colony. Incidentally, in high dosages Azithromycin Azab 100 is bactericidal.

Azithromycin Azab 100 mg is in many respects similar to the erythromycin, the derivative of which it is by its pharmacological action. However, Azithromycin differs in many ways from its predecessor for the better. First of all, it is not destroyed by the action of gastric juice - Azithromycin is about 300 times more resistant to acids than erythromycin. In addition, Azithromycin causes a much smaller number of side effects associated with the gastrointestinal tract than erythromycin. In general, macrolides have a much milder, sparing effect on the body and less toxicity compared to the common, but already rather outdated penicillins. Not accidentally, the drug can be used for the treatment of infants.

Another useful property of the drug is its long time of withdrawal from the body. Half of Azithromycin is eliminated from the body in about 50 hours. This parameter is much more than that for other antibiotics. This means that Azithromycin Azab 100mg is stored in the body for a long time, and often the drug can have its effect after 5-7 days after the end of the course of administration, which is very important in the treatment of severe and prolonged infections with a high probability of relapse. Also, this property of the drug can reduce the frequency of its admission and the duration of treatment. In addition, the low rate of withdrawal of the drug is expressed in reducing the load on the liver, which is important for patients with various disorders in the work of this organ.

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Substance Azithromycin

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