Alphabol is an anabolic steroid used orally. Initially, Alphabol was used to accelerate the regeneration and cure of burns, to increase vitality in women, and soon became quite widespread in bodybuilding as a substance for muscle growth, until it was banned. At the moment there is a large amount of information that unfairly discredits Alphabol. Critics exaggerate the influence of toxic characteristics and too underestimate the anabolic activity. And yet, as practice shows, the course of Alphabol, which will last within 5-6 weeks at an average dosage of 30 mg per day, will help you to increase muscle mass by about 8-10 kg, followed by a loss of 2-5 kg ​​(the so-called rollback phenomenon). Kickbacks can be reduced in the case of correct preparation of the course.

Alphabol features

 The main feature of Alphabol is a rather rapid increase in muscle mass, through activation of protein synthesis, glycogenolysis.

At the same time, power indices increase

Nutritional demand increases

Not too much fat is burned

The bone system is strengthened.

Alphabol has a relatively small androgenic effect (50% compared to ordinary testosterone), and yet it takes place.

Studies have shown that the side effects of the drug begin to manifest, as a rule, when the wrong dosage, namely, when exceeding the dose of Alphabol more than 30 mg per day

 Alphabol side effects


 The problem of gynecomastia occurs after the conversion of the proportion of Alphabol to estrogen - methyestradiol, which has a 30% greater affinity for estrogen receptors. Anti-estrogens are used to prevent this side effect from becoming unpleasant. These substances are almost 100% effective for the prevention of gynecomastia.

 Liver toxicity

 Due to the fact that Alphabol has a methyl category in the 17th position, this product produces a relatively small toxic effect on the liver. The methyl group interferes with the destruction of Alphabol in the liver, and allows you to use the product orally (inside). This reduces the binding of Alphabol to the sex hormone-binding globulin. Hepatoprotectors are used.

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Substance Methandienone oral (Dianabol)

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