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Mode of application

Given the significantly suppressed endogenous testosterone, a course of Androxine is not recommended. Boundary safe dosage is 50 milligrams of aqueous suspension daily for a month. Excess rates or duration of the course is fraught with side effects, to prevent which from the second week of taking trenbolone and up to the end it is recommended to include gonadotropin.

About how to take Androxine with other anabolic and androgenic steroids, information is not so much. To gain muscle mass to include additional drugs is impractical because this AAS is quite powerful and provides a significant increase. The best combinations for "drying" are trenbolone with Anavar or Winstrol in half dosages. The duration of the combined course should not exceed two months.

How to calculate the Androxine dosage .

Instructions for use are attached to each drug, but information is usually not enough. Each person has individual features of the organism that should be considered. Beginners should test for an allergic reaction before first use. The dosage is calculated based on the experience and goals of the athlete. Lovers and beginners should use 50 mg per day and do not delay the course for more than 1 month. Athletes chemists can increase the dosage to 70 mg and prolong the course to 2 months depending on the desired result. To increase the result, many athletes use a combination course with the inclusion of other steroid drugs Anavar, Winstrol. To avoid side effects and other disorders of the body, you should not use additional steroids in a dose of more than 30 mg per day. Beginners enough course solo.

Side effects.

  • Decreased sexual activity.
  • Unstable emotional state.
  • Anxiety, insomnia.
  • Acne, rarely.
  • Hair loss.

Negative reactions are possible only after exceeding the dosage or the duration of use of more than 2 months.

Package10 Ampoules (50mg/ml)

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