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Eutropin LG 4IU

Eutropin LG 4IU is a somatotropic peptide hormone used in bodybuilding to build muscle relief.The av..

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Fertigyn (Pregnyl)

The main reason for the athletes' interest in human chorionic gonadotropin is that exogenous hCG has..

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Fertigyn HP 5000

This medicine has a gonadotropic effect, mainly luteinizing. Stimulates the production of sex hormon..

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HCG 10000IU

HCG 10000IU is a human choriogonadotropin, which is a natural protein hormone, and not an anabolic o..

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HCG 2000IU

How does HCG 2000IUThe effect on the body of this substance completely copies the luteinizing hormon..

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HCG 5000IU

It should be noted that HCG 5000IU is a common practice among athletes to introduce steroids into a ..

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PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIESHGH 36IU contains somatropin synthesized using recombinant technology, ide..

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HMG 150IU (Humog 150)

This is a hormonal agent. Contains the menopausal human gonadotropin, which is obtained from the uri..

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Insulin 100IU

The hormone insulin is produced in the pancreas and is involved in many metabolic processes in the b..

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