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Dianabolos 10 is based on the most popular active ingredient in the sport - Methandienone. Dianabolos tablets allow you to gain weight and increase strength. This contributes to a high rate of anabolic activity, twice the analogous parameter of the male hormone. But androgenic activity is reduced, which indicates less pronounced side effects of this type. We offer Dianabolos to buy at the lowest cost.

Properties and effects of Dianabolos 10

It was Methandienone that became the drug that marked the beginning of the steroid era. Almost immediately after its creation, it became actively used by athletes. And he was accepted by representatives of all sports disciplines. However, it soon became clear that maximum results could only be obtained by the security forces. Today methane Farmakom price, which is the most affordable on the market, is actively used by bodybuilders and professional builders.

Below we answer the question, Dianabolos Pharmacom how to take? Now it is worth paying attention to the properties of this drug. This is an excellent drug for gaining weight and increasing power parameters. It is often used by builders for the first anabolic course. Among the main effects of anabolic there is an increase in appetite, acceleration of the hematopoietic system, stimulation of the activity of defense mechanisms, etc.

In this case, Dianabolos side effects are extremely rare. Of the drawbacks of the drug, it is worth noting the tendency to aromatization. However, this is largely due not to health risks, but to a significant rollback effect observed after completion of the course. However, the use of aromatase inhibitors solve this problem.

Rules for the use and dosage of Dianabolos 10

Since this is a very popular anabolic, Dianabolos is used to perfection. The daily dose of the drug is in the range of 10-60 milligrams. Most often, to get excellent results every day is enough to take 30-40 mg. Recall that the aromatase inhibitors must necessarily be included in the cycle. If an easy course is planned, then Proviron will be enough. On strong cycles, anti-estrogens like Anastrozole should be used.

A separate topic is the combined use of this anabolic. You can talk about it for a long time, because Metandienone is perfectly combined with any drug. However, there is one nuance here - it is better not to use it together with the AAS tablets. All steroids in tablets differ in a certain indicator of hepatotoxicity. In order not to harm the liver, we recommend using them in turn. When combined with injecting AAS, these problems do not occur.

Package10mg (100 pills)
SubstanceMethandienone oral (Dianabol)

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